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The Attachment Links module provides permanent links to files attached to a node. A single, easy-to-remember URL can be used to retrieve the preferred (canonical) or newest version of a file regardless of how many versions of that file have been attached to a node.

Typically, users will want to create a "File" content type and enable the Attachment Links module for that content type. Each "File" node should refer to a single file: "Handbook," "Company logo," "Team roster," etc. Though each node could contain multiple versions of the file, Attachment Link provides permanent link to access the preferred or newest versions.

How to use Attachment Links

Say you want to let users download your organization's handbook by attaching it to a node. If you upload a file with the same name (and have node revisions enabled), Drupal will rename the new file by appending a number:

  • Handbook_1.doc
  • Handbook_0.doc
  • Handbook.doc

If you wanted to avoid this problem, you could upload files with unique names (version numbers, dates, etc.):

  • Handbook 2010-01-02.doc
  • Handbook 2009-11-02.doc
  • Handbook 2009-10-15.doc

In both cases, the most recent handbook has a different file name. If many nodes on your site link directly to the handbook, you would have to change each link to reflect the new file name.

The Attachment Links module solves this problem by providing two permanent links:

  • Preferred file (the top-most file listed in the interface): /node/NID/attachment
  • Newest file (the file most recently uploaded): /node/NID/attachment/newest

You can now create a "Handbook" node and upload as many revisions of the handbook as you like without having to change all incoming links.

Installation and dependencies

  • Drupal 7: Requires the core File, Field, and File SQL storage modules. Because there can be multiple file fields in a content type, you'll need to choose one when enabling Attachment Links for that content type. See README.txt for more information.
  • Drupal 6: Requires the core Upload module to attach files to nodes.

Similar modules

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Development of this module is sponsored by Yale University and Four Kitchens.

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