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"Automatic Entity Label" is a small and efficient module that allows hiding of entity label fields. To prevent empty labels it can be configured to generate the label automatically by a given pattern.

This can be used on any entity type, including e.g. for node titles, comment subjects, taxonomy term names and profile2 labels.

Patterns for automatic labels can be constructed with tokens. Drupal core provides a basic set of tokens. For a token selection widget install the token module. Some entity types (e.g. profile2) provide tokens via the entity_token module (part of entity).

Advanced users can use PHP code for automatically generating labels.

Watch the Daily Dose of Drupal screencast by Shane Thomas for a short introduction and demonstration of the module and some of its features.


  • This module grew out of the Automatic node titles module and aims to be a full replacement.
  • During installation all auto_nodetitle variables (ant_*) are automatically migrated to this module and deleted to prevent conflicts between both modules.
  • Automatic entity labels also works with title replacements provided by the Title module.
  • If you find the module description above confusing, please help improve it: #1713322: Improve project description / terminology


Huge thanks to Wolfgang Ziegler for all his work on Automatic Nodetitles and to Vasi Chindris for laying the groundwork for this module in #1124484: Automatic Entity Titles: Support for Taxonomy & Other Entities

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