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This module is a minimalist module for integrating the badgeville gamification service with Drupal.

It provides an API which wraps the Badgville services' REST API and simplifies the process of registering and communicating with the Badgeville REST API from within drupal.

Badgeville is a gameification service. It allows you to assign rewards / goals to certain activities. Badgeville tracks users progress towards achievements.

How it works

Badgeville is integrated into drupal using two separate modules:

  • The badgeville drupal module, which automatically adds the relevant js and supplies an API that can be accessed in your own custom module.
  • Your own custom module, that detects and sends events to badgeville via badgeville.modules' API

The Badgeville Module

This is a minimilist module for integrating Badgeville with Drupal.

Once installed, enabled and configured the badgeville module

  • Automatically includes badgevilles' tracker js into every page viewed by a logged in user.
  • Sets the user in that tracker to the currently logged in user.
  • Creates a global $badgeville object available for use in other modules.
  • In some cases (depending on program flow) the global may not yet be available so just do:

    $badgeville = new badgeville();

See README.txt for documentation on the badgeville class and for usage examples.


Further info and download:

  1. Copy the code to sites/all/modules/custom
  2. Enable the module
  3. Browse to http://[your sites domain]/admin/config/content/badgeville
  4. Choose sandbox (unless you really want to send to badgevilles' production server)
  5. Copy and paste the network id, public and private api key's from into the relevant fields
  6. Enter the url of the site you want to register events against. Available sites can be seen here:
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