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The calendar_block module provides a fully customizable calendar block which can be placed in a region at the blocks section. In thecalendar block's configuration form, the calendar's layout can be fully changed. You can set the colors as well as the size of the calendar so it fits to your websites design. Here's a screenshot of the configuration page.

With this version of the calendar_block module, developers can use the hook_calendar_block() to alter the dates, as well as to set the date the calender has to load on a page call.

If the modules Colorpicker and Textfield to slider are installed, the layout of the calendar is dynamically changed when changing it in the block's configuration form.


for the slider_textfield module you need to have the latest version of jQuery in your /misc directory. If you have the colorpicker module installed, and you want to live update the colors of your calendar while changing the colors in the block's configuration page, you need to apply this patch to farbtastic.js.


  • Caching: Caching the calendar would be a huge performance improvement.
  • Configuration for nodes: In the configuration options of the calendar block, users should be able to check which nodetypes should be tracked by the calendar_block module. In the publication options of node form, users should be able to uncheck the node from being tracked.
  • Week format: Administrators should be able to set the first day of the week.


The Drupal 7 version of this module has been developed for:
The Dutch House of Representatives

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