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The CCK Signup module is an alternative to the Signup module. The primary difference is that this module allows the signups themselves to be Drupal nodes, and connects signups to events by way of node reference fields. The other major difference is that the Messaging & Notifications framework is used for sending out notifications.

Basic configuration

Bundled with this module is a feature that implements Event and Signup node types, plus views to list the signups, and the necessary configuration to make them work properly together. In order to use this feature, you will need these additional modules:

If you are uncomfortable with extensive configuration of node types, CCK fields, and views, then this feature will provide a good starting place for signup functionality.

Current features and capabilities

  • Define a node type to use as a 'signup' pointing back at an 'event' node type.
  • Optionally define a signup node type as a 'group' signup
  • Define and enforce event capacity
  • Send notifications and reminders of signups
  • Define a 'group confirmation' node type and allow individuals to confirm attendance of 'group signups'.

Drupal 7 status

The initial port to Drupal 7 is under way. The main CCK Signup module is now ported, and there will be a Beta release when the remainder of the modules are ported:

Help in the form of testing or patches is always welcome.


  • nodereference (part of CCK for Drupal 6), References for Drupal 7

Strongly recommended Modules

An example configuration of the module is available as a collection of features in Volunteer Rally, an open source volunteer management application.

CCK Signup is developed and maintained by OpenSourcery.

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