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Commerce Extra module allows site builders to enable extra features or improvements which are missing from Drupal Commerce core. The module is a collection of minimal submodules which some of developer might not consider worth of a full project and therefore are added into this module.

New features are welcome! Please post your feature requests into issue queue! If you're developer and don't want to create a full project for small tweak, this is the right place.

The module is work in progress and should not be installed into any production site.

See video screencast about this module made by Pedro Cambra from Commerce Guys.

Feature/improvement overview

  1. Improve checkout by pre-populating customer profile information's addressfield. Needs an address field for user entity. See also Commerce Addressbook for similiar functionality.
  2. Add extra step where user may login, but doesn't require it.
  3. Improve quantity field by wrapping it with decrease/increase button links.

Installation & configuration

The module itself obviously requires Commerce and submodules determine their dependencies. See more information below.

Just enable the module and enable features from admin/commerce/config/commerce_extra.

Commerce Extra Address Populate

Requires: Addressfield, Commerce Customer (comes with Commerce module)

Pre-populates customer profile information so user doesn't have to reenter his/her information again. This is very similar with Commerce Addressbook except this clones address information from user's account instead previously made orders as Commerce Addressbook does.

Commerce Extra Login Page

Requires: Commerce Checkout (comes with Commerce module)

Creates extra step to checkout so that users may log in optionally. Many times shop keeper want to promote user to log in for example to apply some discounts or some other rules.

Related project: Commerce Checkout Login (currently not yet complete), by rszrama

Commerce Extra Quantity

Requires: Commerce Cart (comes with Commerce module)

Improves UX by creating button links for decreasing or increasing quantity level of a product. Currently works in add-to-cart form and shopping-cart view.

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