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This module provides some enhancements to the Drupal Commerce attribute handling.

The improvement contains:

  • Attribute field for line item
  • Edit option for attributes

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Attribute field for line item

This field allows the presentation of the product in the shopping cart by a separated view mode. A new product display is added. There you can define the fields which should be displayed for this product type in the shopping cart.

Edit option for attributes

By default when the customer press the link in the shopping cart he gets back to the product display. But the previous selected attributes are not selected. This features allows the customer to edit the line item and edit directly the previous selected attributes. The shopping cart will be then updated according to the changes.


Install it as usual. Edit the shopping cart, the checkout and the order admin view and add the attribute field. There you can specify if a link to the product is displayed or not.

To setup the shown fields you need to edit the product displays in the product type.


You need to add a new field in the cart view. To do this edit the cart view > add field > add attribute field. You may want to remove the product title field.

To control the display inside the field you can edit the product field display "Attribute View". There you can set which field is shown and how it should be displayed.

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