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Connector makes it easy for other Drupal modules to connect and sign in Drupal users with accounts on other services. Connector takes care of the generic stuff like UI, account creation, storing of metadata like name and avatar etc.

Be sure to download at least one implementation for this module to be useful.

Required modules


Drupal 7

The Drupal 7 version is in beta and ready for testing. It comes with support for 'connector actions'. A connector action is a set of callbacks that runs after a successful connection. It needs documentation before going stable... just like everything else needs documentation in the 7.x version.

Work in progress D7

#1503258: No user data imported

Current implementations 7.x

Recommended modules 6.x

Current implementations 6.x


  • Create generic OAuth connector that can support Twitter Completed
  • Improve how multiple connectors for a single account are handled - In progress - right now testing it with next version of OAuth Connector. Related: #1010264: Need a way to associate to an existing account
  • (Package existing friend efforts to a new module of its own to enable better import of friends from other networks)

The code for this project can also be found on GitHub:

In use on eg.

Connector differs from other Drupal authentication modules like Gigya Socialize, Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect by instead of implementing an authentication service itself provide a generic API for other modules to implement. The benefit of this is that modules supporting Connector doesn't have to implement all of the generic UI, user management etc - instead they can concentrate on what's specific for the individual authentication service. Another benefit is that the different authentication services gets a consistent user interface.

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Initial development sponsored by Good Old. Drupal 7 development is sponsored by Internetbureau VDMi.

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