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New development is done in the module. This expands the corresponding node reference functionality to enitities. Please focus all attention on getting a stable release of cer as soon as possible.

Cnr is looking for a comaintainer to resolve the remaining bugs. No new features will be handled.



It syncs the node reference between two node types which have a nodereference to each other, so double editing nodes is no more needed. If one node has a reference the other node receives also a reference to the saved node if it is referenced in that node.


Release 6.x-4.0 doesnt require setting the options to unlimited, all is handled by cck now. The old setting to allow setting to single is no longer present since it is obsolete. To upgrade, run update.php and manualy set the allowed references on each nodereference instance. The older branches are not supported anymore so you should upgrade.


6.x : CCK

Node reference (comes with cck)

7.x: Node reference (included in References)


Node type A has a node reference to node type B and node type B has a node reference to node type A. When you create node X of type A and reference it to node Y of type B Node Y will also receive an update in its node reference field pointing to node X.


- To install enable the module at admin/build/modules

- Create node type A

- Create node type B

- Create a node reference field on node type A pointing to node B

- Create a node reference field on node type B pointing to node A

- Go to the settings page at admin/settings/corresponding_node_references. Select to enable the corresponding referencing for these node types pointing to each other.

- Create some nodes and reference them to each other

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