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Datasources provides a framework to describe and manage datasource to import in Drupal.


Module can register datasources.

Once you have defined your datasources, the module provides an UI to map datasource fields against entities fields and define import policies.

You can declare sharable preprocessors to do some field level transformation.

There is a basic support for list fields.

The module manages the find/update/insert stuff.

You can define import policy (multiple update, update only if untouched, etc).

Datasources provides a Drush command to import data.

Datasources uses Entity API (dev branch).

Datasources provides a sub module : Unique (by) datasource identifier wich creates a new type of field to describe a unique identifier by datasource.

More infos in the README.txt.

NEW Basic support for RSS via the aggregator module. So you can define datasource from Feeds and import RSS into nodes !

NEW (dev) Added a contrib module to import data from a folder tree (folders with text and images).

Datasources VS Feeds

Feeds is a great module that provides the same functionnalities (and lot more) than Datasources.

The main difference is that Datasources is purely agnostic about what to do with datas.

You focus only on designing the input.

Thanks to Entity you do not have to bother about targets.

Thanks to UDID and import policies matching / inserting and updating is not your concern.

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