DITA integration for Drupal

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The DITA integration module is a package of building blocks for sites that want to integrate with a DITA based single sourced documentation workflow. Most likely you won't use all of the submodules in 1 project. The project contains submodules that let you:

  • Upload dita tasks/concepts/documents
  • Use graphmind to build DITA maps in a mindmap interface
  • Create relationship tables in the DITA map generated in Graphmind with Drupal's taxonomy
  • Convert your dita documentations into xhtml or pdf2, or download them in tar.gz
  • Schedule conversions in the DITA Open Toolkit, and have them run on cron, or run them immediately with a simple command in command line.
  • With the DITA feeds plugin, you can add a directory, from where any new DITA topics will be crawled.
  • With the Simple Dita Forms submodule, you can build simple tasks and concepts with a form.
  • Simple DITA Forms can also serve as a model of how you can build your own custom forms in CCK and than export them in DITA XML

DITA is a module that was created by Pronovix, as part of our effort to bring structured (DITA based) documentation to Drupal read more about our documentation efforts on our blog.

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