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This small module provides a redirection feature instead of providing the default domain contents in the Domain Access suite.

In a nutshell, subdomain redirection handling will be shifted from your domain's DNS settings to your Drupal installation, redirecting all subdomains to the specified URL while still serving Drupal content to the subdomains set in Domain Access.


  1. Domain Access
  2. A subdomain wildcard record in your DNS settings. Otherwise all subdomains won't even make it to your Drupal installation...

How to set up

To set up this module, go to the global Domain settings page at admin/structure/domain/settings. There will be an extra textfield on top of the form in which you can enter the URL.

Example use case

  • Subdomain wildcard DNS record: * pointing to /public_html/my_website
  • Domain Access setup: has customized settings.
  • Domain Default Redirection setup: if requested domain not found in Domain Access, then redirect to

The table below shows the results of this setup compared with some standard cases:

Requested URL Domain Access
Domain Access
+ & DNS
Domain Access
+ DNS wildcard
Domain Access +
Domain Default Redirect
+ DNS wildcard
(set in Domain Access)
Customized Customized Customized Customized
(not set in Domain Access)
HTTP 404 Defaults Defaults Redirection
(not set in Domain Access)
HTTP 404 HTTP 404 Defaults Redirection

This module has been initially developed by ecto webdesign.

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