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This module allows the creation of an internal Drupal path that will direct the user to a unique path

based on the domain that the user is in. The link is based at the

path "/domain-redirect/12345" where "12345" is the redirect ID that is stored in the


For example, let's say we have three domains on our site, and they all share the same primary links menu structure:

Domain redirect will allow for one menu link to point to up to three different URLs, either internal or external. You can use one internal menu path "/domain-redirect/12345" and the user will be redirected to a different internal path or external URL depending on how the redirect is configured. So if the user sees the menu link at the "foo" subdomain, they might be redirected to, but at the "bar" subdomain, they would be redirected to "/node/353" and in any other subdomain, the link would redirect them to "node/2."

Redirects are administered at "Administer >> Site Building >> Domains >> Domain redirects". Make sure to assign the "administer domain redirects" permission.

Thanks go out to other drupal coders, as I copied fervently, freely and unabashedly from the Path Redirect module.

There is currently no plan to create a release for Drupal 7. A co-maintainer is desired if you want to work on this.

Domain Redirect is developed and maintained by OpenSourcery.

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