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Code templates for Drupal hooks in Eclipse PDT. They should also work with Zend Studio, and possibly Aptana Studio.

This is not a Drupal module, theme, install profile, or distribution; it is an XML file to import into an Eclipse-based IDE for writing code.

See the screenshot thumbnail for the configuration screen where this configuration gets imported.

After importing the hook templates, you should get an autocomplete when typing the literal "hook_" to start listing Drupal function names. The more characters you type, the faster you get to the helper template. When the correct template is displayed by the code assist, press return to have Eclipse print the entire function template, complete with comment block, function parameters, return values, and switches where appropriate.

Code assist in Eclipse can also be accessed with CTRL+SPACE by default. The configuration to change the default is in Preferences - General - Keys; filter to Content Assist.

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