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A framework for non-CCK modules to use to convert their Drupal 6 custom data to Drupal 7 FieldAPI fields.

Modules that add extra data to objects, such as nodes, but also users, terms, comments, etc, can make use of this framework to simplify their migration path to using FieldAPI on Drupal 7.

Modules should define a conversion plan that defines:

  • node types to convert from hook_node_info-based to user-controlled
  • new FieldAPI fields to create or existing ones to use
  • how the data on their object (one of node, user, term, comment, etc) should be manipulated to save it into the new field

The user then selects conversion plans to run in the admin UI, and the entire conversion is performed in a batch operation.

More details and examples can be found in the module code.

Modules using this framework

Currently, Image and User terms are using this framework to migrate their data to fields on Drupal 7.


Core bug blocking upgrade of node type module data: #895014: All fields of a node type are lost on module disable

See the issue queue for instructions and test databases for specific modules; file a new issue for your module if you are working on a migration plan.

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