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Use this module if you need to cherrypick on an entity type or individual entity level what fields should be output in what order in a Drupal service call. The Field Resource module uses tokens and the content edit interface so you don't need to be a developer to fine tune the content returned in a service call.


The Field Resource Module is a plugin for the Services module. The module provides a new field type that you can add to any entities whose content you want to use as a resource in a Drupal service. In the field you can use a combination of text and tokens to finetune the output you will get for a service call for that entity.

The field widget has two parts:

  • Text area where you define the service output:

    On an entity type level you can define a default for the service output for all the entities of a given type. You could for example concatenate the output for all the fields in reverse order e.g.

    "[field_C]; [field_B]; [field_A]"

    On individual entity pages you can change the content of the field to overwrite these default settings.
  • a machine name form element for the unique resource id:

    By default this field will be derived from the title of the node, but it is again possible to overwrite this default setting. This unique id is needed for the service call.


You could for example use this module to generate the content for tooltips for your application from it's Drupal documentation site:

  • Add documentation anchors (e.g. "?") to the User Interface elements in your application
  • Attach a JS service call to the documentation anchor that calls the unique id defined in the machine name form element for that UI element
  • Fine tune the tooltips in the Field Resource Field

Serving your tooltips from the same text source as your documentation reduces your content maintenance costs and will seriously reduce your translation costs. This module could be part of a single sourcing strategy for your documentation.


This module was originally developed for the tooltips used in the Query Editor that Datasift developed for it's social media data queries.

The module was developed and is maintained by Pronovix.

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