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File admin extends the File entity module to add administrative options to files, including published, promoted, and sticky status.

The File entity module provides a lot of functionality for creating and editing file items, making it possible to use files as stand-along records rather than, for example, needing a node attached to a file. However, it's often important to be able to filter and sort files by the sort of criteria that nodes have: is a file published? sticky at the top of lists? promoted?

How to use File admin

  • After enabling the module, navigate to the file types page at admin/structure/file-types. Click the "Edit file type" link for a given file type. At the bottom of the form you will see a set of vertical tabs. Configure them to set the defaults for that file type. For example, to have videos default to unpublished, click the "Edit file type" link for video, click the "Workflow" tab, uncheck the "Published" checkbox, and submit.
  • Navigate to the user permissions page and optionally assign the "View own unpublished file details" permission to selected roles. This permission allows users to see their own files before they have been published.
  • When you have created one or more files, navigate to the file admin page, admin/content/file. You will see several new options under "Update options" (Publish, Unpublish, and so on).
  • You can also click the "edit" link for a particular media item. At the bottom of the resulting form you will find a new set of vertical tabs allowing you to edit the author, publishing date, and published, promoted and sticky status of the file.
  • If you are using Views, you will find several new field, sort, and filter options for files based on the published, promote, and sticky fields.

Under the hood

To expand administrative options for files, File admin:

  • Adds a vertical tabs style admin fieldset to file type edit forms, allowing selection of defaults and also entering of file submission guidelines.
  • Adds vertical-tabs style admin fieldsets to the file edit form, allowing editing of author, created, published, promoted, and sticky fields.
  • Adds submission guidelines to the file edit form.
  • Alters the file admin overview form, adding a sortable column for published status.
  • Adds mass update options for e.g. publishing files.
  • Adds new fields and filter etc. options to file views.
  • Restricts access to file details based on publshed status.

At the data level, File admin:

  • Adds four new fields to the file_managed table: created, published (not called 'status', the name of the equivalent field in the node table, because file_managed.status is already used for a different purpose), promote, sticky.
  • Adds Views exposure for these new fields.

This module originated as a patch on the File entity module: #1220414: Add created, published, promoted, and sticky fields and provide admin editing interface plus views integration


Requires the 2.x branch of File entity. Because File entity 2.x is still in flux, it's important to check the release notes of each File admin release to see the specific version of File entity that's required.

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