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Access photos on Flickr's site via their API (create a key). The module provides a filter for inserting photos and photosets and allows the creation of blocks for rendering a user's recent photos and photosets.

The filter format is:

[flickr-photo:id=230452326,size=s] and [flickr-photoset:id=72157594262419167,size=m]

The size parameter can be one of the following:

Suffix: Label: Size:
s Square small square 75x75
t Thumbnail thumbnail, 100 on longest side
q Large Square big square 150x150
m Small small, 240 on longest side
n Small 320 small, 320 on longest side
[none] Medium medium, 500 on longest side
z Medium 640 medium 640, 640 on longest side
c Medium 800 medium 800, 
b Large large, 1024 on longest side
o Original original image, either a jpg, gif or png, depending on source format

What's new?

  • Open Flickr photos in Colorbox, Lightbox or alike with a configurable image size.
  • A title caption that links to the Flickr photo page to comply with their Guidelines.
  • More image sizes, most interesting a Large Square (150px) and Small 320 px.
  • A default size can be set. To use in case the size parameter is omitted, for example [flickr-photo:id=230452326]. It also means you can change the size of all these images on the site in one go.
  • A filter is added to the configuration of the blocks to show only images, only videos or both.
  • Two new blocks are added:

    ◦ Recent photos from a set.

    ◦ Images from favorites.

In the dev:

  • Two new blocks are added:

    ◦ Random photos from a group.

    ◦ Random user photos with a specific tag.
  • Define an arbitrary number of images in the photoset and blocks. Specify the exact number instead of a dropdown select.


If you use the Flickr filter you might find the AutoFloat module useful.


  • Try clearing both your site and browser cache.
  • Use this tool to find your Flickr user or group id.
  • BEFORE posting a support request related to configuration, check the necessary settings in the demo at Complete the installation process there (just hit Save and continue on each step).

Unexpected display problems occur.

It should be noted that the cascading stylesheets defined by modules are by default loaded before theme CSS (see Drupal API). Flickr module's style might be overwritten by the theme stylesheets. Copy and paste the CSS code in the flickr.css file to the bottom of your theme's custom CSS file or use this solution.

'Undefined index' error after upgrade from 7.x-1.0 to a later version.

Re-save your block settings. See #2089575: Undefined index error after upgrade

#2129811: Reported install usage statistics count on the project page is not being updated

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