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The sales pitch

Do you use a node for your 404 page?

Do you hate how translating the node behind the 404 page (or 403 page, or front page) doesn't actually work the way you'd think it would? By default, everyone will see the 404 page you configured under Site Information by default. To show translated versions for other languages, you have to turn on the Internationalization Variable submodule from the Internationalization module. You then have to tell it which node to use for each language where it isn't the default-language node.


Internationalization 404 leaps into action just before your 404 (403, front) page is served and changes it to the translated version instead.

But wait, there's more! It actually checks to see if you have configured a different node with the help of the Internationalization Variable module, and respects that setting.

This module was developed because featurizing variables containing node paths didn't seem like the way to go. If we already have translated content, why should we also have to translate the variables? We only need to know the source node, and there is less chance for human error in configuring that.


The module starts working as soon as you turn it on. Turn it off to disable the functionality.


This module was designed for use with the Content Translation module. It hasn't been tested with Field Translation, but I'm not sure even if it even makes sense. Let me know in the issue queue. Contributions welcome.

Where did this module come from?

Sponsored by Project Ricochet.

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