Lazy User Registration

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The Lazy Registration module captures actions made by anonymous users and stores them against a temporary user account until they are ready to register.

Individual modules are required to integrate with lazy registration for their data to be captured and stored until the user registers. By default this module is packaged with two integrations; webform and node.

If the module has been enabled and configured, anonymous that have permission to submit webforms and nodes will have their submissions owned by a temporary account. Upon registration, they will receive all of their previously submitted data.

Session Resume

This module is also packaged with a somewhat experimental feature called "Session Resume". If enabled, admins can select "unique fields" on the different integrations (webform and node). If a user creates content under one session and then moves to a different PC or session, if the "unique fields" they enter match, they can resume their session and continue to attach data to their associated temporary account.

This feature is not enabled by default and should be configured with caution.


  • A dependency on entity was missing in the modules info file, causing an error on form submissions. This has been fixed in the latest dev release.
  • The module used an anonymous function which would have broken old versions of PHP. This should now be fixed.

If you cannot install this module or have any issues, please create an issue and leave details such as your version number and any other errors you are encountering.

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