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Login one time provides the ability to email one-time login links to users. You can also choose the pages they will land on.

The use case for this is where your users can't figure out how to use a username and password - so they request an email link to what they need.


There are several ways to send one-time login links:

  • Pressing the "Send login one time link [...]" button in a user profile.
  • Using the operations on the user administration page, or with the module Views Bulk Operations. Embedding such a view somewhere can allow you to direct users to the page where the view is embedded. Check the View Reference project page for some ideas on how to embed views.
  • Configure the login one time block, and use it to select a user and send the link. You can easily use this block in nodes as a CCK field using the Block Reference module.
  • Using PHP, print out a button somewhere (e.g. in a node template) or directly send the emails using available functions as described in the README.

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You can use the String Overrides module to modify the display name in the interface, and messages shown by this module, to something more suitable. For example if Yoda sentences you speak not, or you realize that I should have called it Log in one time, or once even, fml.

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