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Drupal 7: A Drupal 7 version is out, thanks to the new addition to the maintainer crew. Please help testing, and report any problems.

Menu Editor enhances the menu editing form with inline text fields for title, path and description, and provides placeholders for new items.

This way, it reduces the number of page visits needed to create a site's menu structure, and eliminates the need for dummy nodes.

Menu editor attempts to unify content creation and menu editing, solving the same problem as


Inline text fields for title, path and description: In each row you get inline text fields for title and link path. This means, you don't need to go to a new page any more to edit the title or destination of a menu item!

Tabindex: The tab index is modified to skip the annoying checkbox fields ("Enabled", "Expanded", "Delete").

Placeholder items for new content: You can create menu items for yet non-existing content. Instead of a useless dummy link path, you write "<new page>" or "<new webform>" or "<new panel>" or "<new [content type]>", which is internally stored as "node/add/[content type]/mlid/[mlid]". If you visit that link, you get a node creation form that will make the menu item point to the newly created node. Alternatively, you can use <new> as a general purpose "under construction" placeholder. This allows to quickly plan a site structure with the client, without creating dummy nodes.

Hook for your own placeholders: The placeholders are defined via an implementation of hook_menu_editor_placeholders(). The definition of this hook might change in the future, to allow more flexible placeholder schemes.

Permissions: menu_editor introduces one new permission per menu, which gives access to the respective menu_editor page (and nothing more). Users with the "administer menu" permission don't need this extra checkbox, they can always edit all menus (since 6.x-2.0-rc2, I think).

Path autocomplete: See #666644: Path Autocomplete for Menu Editor
. Similar to mpac. This allows to fill your menu items with links to existing content more easily.

Performance / memory: Replaced the weight dropdowns with text fields, similar to Tiny menu editor. The page will still be quite heavy with all the different input fields, but less than it would be if each row has a dropdown with 50 options.


Download and enable like any other module. Don't forget to enable the sub-modules, to get the complete feature set.

drush dl menu_editor
drush pm-list | grep menu_editor
drush en menu_editor menu_editor_node_creation menu_editor_path_autocomplete

Dependencies: X Autoload


Narrow layouts? It was pointed out that the menu editor form does not fit in narrow layout columns. Solution: Use the Region Visibility module to hide the sidebars in the admin area. Or better, get an admin theme.

Very long menus? Some menus have many items. Many. Such as the menu of the documentation pages. This will make the usual menu editing page unmanageable, but it will be even worse for the form provided by this module. Solution: Use the normal menu edit form, if that works better.

Administration menu 6.x-3.x? The new 3.x branch of admin_menu is very nice, but it makes it more difficult to programmatically add menu items. Thus, the menu_editor related links are missing in admin_menu-3.x. Luckily there is an alternative, DQX AdminMenu.

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