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This module helps to export and/or import menus. Using it you can easily transfer menus from one Drupal site to another. The module can be used in ensemble with Node export (node content migration). In this case, it allows to batch-arrange existing content into a given menu structure, using a very simple text file.

Here is an example of the JSON-like file format understandable by the module (starting from versions 7.x-1.3):

Pages {"url":"pages/all"}
- Site {"url":"","description":"Visit our site."}
- Story {"url":"node/3","description":"A very interesting story!"}
-- Some node {"url":"node/4","lang":"da","description":"Links is in Danish language"}
- Admin zone {"url":"admin/appearance","description":"Internal link with description."}
A page {"description":"Description only, no link.","hidden":true,"expanded":true}

Important: please use Unicode (UTF-8) as file encoding, one-byte national charsets will not work. Also, JSON's name and value must be enclosed in double quotes, single quotes are not valid. Trailing commas are not allowed.

D6 users:

The export feature is now implemented! You can export menus and import them in D7 installations (and D8 when relevant version will be ready)

Every line should start with a title or link level plus title. Level is determined from number of indentation characters ("-" and "*" are recognized only).

The part that goes after title is optional and may contain path alias or external URL (stub content creation will be skipped in case of external URL), menu item description, various options like hidden/expanded.

During the import you can select several options, including in which menu you would like this structure to be imported, menu/content language, and linking options.

Another features (added in version 1.2) are Drush support and export.

Don't hesitate to view README file for more use cases and details! And try out the dev if the feature you are looking for is missing from the official release.

Drupal 6 version is not supported by me at the moment, and will have only important bug fixes.

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