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It will migrate all nodes of the webform node type (with the default D6 fields using migrate_d2d backend), all the configuration* of the webform's settings, the form components, email destinations, submissions and associated submission data, in addition to any validation configuration you have (from webform_validation module). It grabs the "last downloaded" data too, in case your users were downloading sequential batches since the last time they were on the site.

Installation notes

See the README.txt file for complete details!

  • Roles the users enabled will be transferred with the migration by comparing the machine name on the source and destination. It does NOT have the ability to hook into an existing migration class yet.
  • Default values are migrated BUT, only the "user email" token is converted to the new format, so the rest show a warning with a link to each created node, which is annoying, but "helpful" if you're just dealing with a small site. Patches welcome for improving this.
  • Body text does not get reviewed for use of tokens. I have code for that which I have used in another migration so it is possible to implement.
  • Components with files: the recommended approach is going to be to use migrate_d2d and then fuddle with any submissions marked file and reference that sourceMigration.

Technical notes

  • Right now it is locked to always preserve the NID from the old site but the code is capable of creating new node IDs.
  • Submission IDs should be dynamic (please test). You should be able to bring in newer items and avoid collisions with test data.
  • Component IDs are not dynamic. So try not to change component configuration unless you're sure you can roll back all the way.
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