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"Maximize your main navigation by adding text, images, videos, slideshow, tabs, menu blocks, user info ..."

That is now possible by using OM Maximenu which can create menus with all other module blocks you want as attachments, modules like views, slideshow, menu, user, nice menus, quicktabs, and custom blocks with tables, lists, images, videos, etc.

For OM Maximenu advanced editing, install OM Tools 2

Version 2 (Maximenu)

New version of this module is currently in development, Maximenu, which is supposed to be simplier to use.



  • Menu Effects
    • Fade In/Fade Out with delay using JQuery HoverIntent by Bryan Cherne
    • Animated/Sliding menu background using Lava Lamp by Nixbox Designs
    • Jiggling links using Sliding Effect by Bedrich Rios
    • Turntable Effect using Round About by Fred LeBlanc
    • Horizontal Accordion (slidedeck alternative) using Easy Accordion by Andrea Cima Serniotti
    • Menu items as TABS with fade transition, horizontal or vertical scroller using ScrollTo by Ariel Flesler
    • Modal Window attached blocks by Daniel Honrade
    • Auto scrolling menu by Daniel Honrade
    • Vertical sliding menu links by Daniel Honrade
    • Icon hover replace by Albert Causing
    • Mac-like icon animation using Resize-On-Approach by Alex Taylor
    • Get your FREE Icons here for your menus
  • Power Options:
    • 3 default styles: Bubble, Simple, No Style (for easy css overriding of custom styles)
    • 3 default outputs: Block, Floating (with configurable x, y axes), Main Menu
    • 3 default title link styles: Title with Icon, Icon Only, Title Only
  • Most Wanted Features:
    • Rotates text/icon links 90 or 270 degrees for browser's left or right side navigation
    • Adds scroller to long menu which won't fit inside a region or block
    • Link visibility per User Role
    • Menu visibility based on path or php
    • No Link, empty path is valid and will change 'a' tag to 'span' tag
    • Choose Hover or Click mouse action to show any link content
    • Full HTML tags are allowed on title input
    • Path query, ex. ?destination=node&me=you
    • Anchor "#" as valid path, for scrolling to sections in a page, OM Maximenu has also a built-in scroller for this purpose. So you can now do something like, ex. "about#section-history" if you have <div id="section-history">...
    • With menu standard attributes: id, class, title, rel, target, all configurable
    • Integrated with MPAC (Menu path autocomplete) module, just install this module to enable autocomplete feature
  • All Possible Menu Contents / Attachments
    • Images, Videos, Flash, Text, Links, etc.
    • Views output: Slideshow, Table, List, etc.
    • Other Menus: Main/Primary, Secondary, Custom Menus, Nice Menu
    • Quicktabs block, Webform block, Shout box, etc.
    • Common Blocks: Who's Online, Who's New, Login, Poll, etc.
    • Any module that outputs blocks
  • Advanced Features:
    • Add / Edit / Delete all links in 1 page, fast and easy to configure menus
    • Import existing Drupal menus or your custom menus
    • Import Taxonomy terms (vocabularies/categories) as menus
    • Use direct PHP on link title.
    • Copy directly social button scripts to the link title, e.g. buttons
    • With template preprocess functions and template files for theme overrides
    • Integrated with OM Tools for advanced editing
    • No additional db table
    • Using OM Tools, you can backup your settings as file (downloadable) and as a variable in Drupal's db variable table.
    • Performance: no matter how many OM Maximenus you create, it won't repeat any processing of settings.


  • OM Maps - a collection of navigational image maps, such as countries, places, etc.
  • OM Taskbar - a multi-purpose taskbar - soon!
  • OM Social Bar - for social statuses and links - soon!
  • OM Blocks - draggable, collapsible blocks - soon!

Quick settings path reference

  • Drupal 6 /admin/settings/om-maximenu
  • Drupal 7 /admin/structure/om-maximenu
  • Drupal 8 /admin/structure/om-maximenu

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  • Currently, it's independent from the native menu system of Drupal. I don't see it necessary yet, since it cannot have a submenu tree, but you can put menu blocks in it and you can also import those existing menus to OM Maximenu as flattened menus (1 level menus). You can also try Mega Menu which is fully integrated with Drupal menu system, if you only want purely text links.
  • Views Slideshow only works on block output. For the views slideshow to work on non-block output, you have to include this to your template.php:

    // Drupal 6
    mytheme_preprocess_page($vars) {
      $vars['scripts'] = drupal_get_js();
    // Drupal 7
    mytheme_process_html($vars) {
      $vars['scripts'] = drupal_get_js();
  • Clear your cache after updating to version 1.34 and up - if you see some error messages after updating to latest version and clearing the cache, try using Maxedit and click save, this will update your menu configurations.

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  • OM Subthemer - Subthemes generator, automates creation of theme files based on custom layout and skin.
  • OM Tools - Adaptive/Responsive Design, User Forms, Search Forms, Body Classes Tools


Magic Spark, a design and development firm based in San Francisco, CA

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