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What is Panels Extras?

Panels Extras is a collection of plugins that extends functionality to the Panels module.

Does it do x?

We are actively maintaining Panels Extras to provide extended functionality for the Panels module. Please add plugin requests to the issue queue.

What's inside?

Currently Panels Extras includes the following plugins:

Configurable Breadcrumbs

Configurable Breadcrumbs provides a display pane to override the default breadcrumb. It includes configurable options for breadcrumb separator, home page link display, append separator to end of breadcrumb, and append the content title.

Email Panels

Email CCK Field and Panels 3 Integration exposes the CCK Email field to Panels. The field can be formatted as a clickable email address or a link to a contact form.

FAQ Panels

FAQ and Panels 3 Integration provides a page override for the display of FAQ terms built by the FAQ module.

Menu SEO Title

Menu SEO Title provides an SEO version of each menu that uses the menu item titles provided in conjunction with the Menu Attributes module.

Region Pane

Region Pane provides a display pane for your theme’s Block regions. This will allow end users to manage display and order of content via the Block administration page while allowing site builders to provide advanced page layouts via Panels.

Menu Node Access

Menu Node Access adds a selection rule in the node template

  • Node Being Viewed: Belongs to a Selected Menu
  • Node Being Viewed: Belongs to a Selected Fixed Parent Item


D7 Development version

Modules operational:

  • configurable_breadcrumbs
  • menu_seo_title
  • region_pane
  • faqpanels
  • menu_node_access
  • emailpanels

emailpanels module does not work yet. Want to help?


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