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This module allows you to integrate +Gallery into your site.

+Gallery grabs all your albums and images from an online source or feed and display them on your site or within individual blog posts. It allows you to browse albums and galleries, or display just one Gallery at a time. Take a photo with your iphone, post to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Google Plus and it is automatically added to your site as well.

+Gallery is also built with Responsive Web Design in mind so almost wherever you put it, it scales automatically and plays nice. It shines and 960px and at 320px and hopefully everywhere in between. Not following me? Please Read here. +Gallery is designed for todays touch devices. Using your iPad, iPhone or Android devices the zoom level allows you to swipe through all the gallery images in addition to using the standard UI elements.

Since version 7.x-1.2 you also have the ability to use +Gallery for local images from the image field! Support for other fields/modules might be added in the future, feel free to leave a request and I will see what's possible.


  • The +Gallery library. (obviously)
    Important: For now you will have to download the +Gallery library here, untill the creator of the library has updated his Git repository.

    When updating the +Gallery library flush cache and run cron to make sure the new library is loaded correctly.

  • The Libraries module. (version 7.x-2.x or higher)
  • The jQuery Update module.

    Important: Untill the following issues (#1448490 & #1815896) have been resolved and included into the stable release of jquery_update you need to install the dev version! If you don't some forms won't function properly.

    Once the dev version is installed set the following settings: (admin/config/development/jquery_update)

    • Default jQuery Version: 1.7
    • Alternate jQuery version for administrative pages: 1.5


Thanks Jeremiah James Martin for creating the +Gallery library.

Important notes

The images and albums being used have to be placed public, else it won't work! At this time you should only add 1 instance of this field per page. (Only allow one value for the field)


The integration of Facebook albums is only possible for pages! Since a few days you will need an access token to be able to use the photos of the page. Get your access token here!


To find the needed account information, use the Flickr API Explorer. You will also need an API key, you can get one here.

When using Flickr the maximum amount of images loaded at one time is 30! You agreed with this when you applied for a API key.


You will need to generate an Access Token, you can do that here.


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