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This module provides a field widget for creating & editing relations (

The selection interface is based on views. Use exposed filters to search for entities, & select items from the view output displayed as a clickable drop down list.

You can use either the default views provided with the module, or define your own views per field. This allow you to use views that represent the entities & bundles allowed in the relation. The EFQ Views module ( allows you to expose entity type as an filter, so cross-entity type relations can be created.

If a view has entity type / bundle type exposed filters, this module tries to make the UI more intuitive by altering the available options based on the relation's allowed values. So if only "node" entities are allowed in the relation, the entity type filter will be set to "node" & hidden.

By default the field is displayed as a link to the related entity. This can be customised based on entity type, bundle & field name via the theme layer.

The module also provides an "Add relation" page, so relations to be created via the admin overlay. See README for more details.


This module is under active development - if you have bugs / suggestions as to how it can be improved please post them to the issue queue.

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