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Note: I am looking for a co-maintainers or a new maintainer for this module. I am no longer working for the company that I originally developed this module for and I am not currently working with Drupal. If you are interested, please reply to this thread: #2110909: Seeking co-maintainer or new maintainer

The Simple Package Tracking module makes adding tracking information to a customer's order a breeze! Simple Package Tracking was developed for online stores that drop ship and/or manually process a large numbers of orders with limited staff. With this module, tracking information is tied to the order, rather than individual packages, which dramatically minimizes the number of steps required to add tracking information to the order.


  • Displays tracking numbers on the order page as links to tracking information on the shipping company's website
  • Provide tracking information for any shipping company that has online tracking
  • Add tracking numbers directly from the order page
  • Send an email notification to the user containing a clickable link to their tracking information via conditional action (Currently only with 6.x version)

Drupal 7 Note

Currently only tested with Commerce Kickstart 2.x

Drupal 6 Note

Compatible with Ubercart 6.x-2.x or greater

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