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This is the new home of the Facebook-style Statuses (Microblog) project for Drupal 7+.

Provides status updates / microblogs like Facebook's Wall / News Feed, Twitter's Timeline, and Yammer's Feed. Users can update their own status or write messages to other users, nodes, Organic Groups, taxonomy terms, or other entity types. @mentions and #hashtags are supported, as well as comments on status updates, viewing conversations between users, the ability to "like"/"reply" to/RT a message, automatic updates without page refreshing, and integration with over 20 modules.

These modules extend the functionality that Statuses provides. Also check out the many integrated modules.


This module is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

You can get the status update box to grow automatically like on Facebook by downloading the jQuery Autogrow plugin and putting it in your site's libraries folder (typically sites/all/libraries -- if that folder doesn't exist, you can create it).


If you are upgrading from Drupal 6 please make sure to read the upgrade instructions. The 7.x-1.x branch is a straight port from FBSS 6.x-3.x but some sites may require manual upgrade steps because of the module's name change.

The roadmap to a full 7.x-1.0 release can be found in #1551542: [META] Release Plan
. The remaining known issues will likely not be significant for a large portion of sites.

We are currently seeking a new primary maintainer. The current maintainers are still maintaining the issue queue but no longer have time for active development. Applicants should have some PHP programming background but IceCreamYou will review patches and help you get up to speed with Statuses/Drupal if necessary. If you are interested, please open an issue in the queue.


Use the Facebook-style Statuses documentation for now -- since the 7.x-1.x branch of Statuses is a straight port of FBSS 6.x-3.x, pretty much everything should be the same.

cristinawithout has provided documentation on integrating with Heartbeat. There are also steps on integrating with Message (please don't post in that issue if you have problems).

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