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uc_discounts_alt is a full-featured Ubercart discounts module that supports both code-based (i.e. coupons) and codeless discounts.


  1. Filter both products required for the discount to apply and qualifying products that receive the discount based on multiple products, taxonomy terms, node authors, or product classes.
  2. The above filters allow for a discount like: buy 3 of any of X product and get a discount on any of Y product.
  3. Attempts to automatically add free products to the cart for codeless discounts.
  4. Discount # of products, a percentage or a fixed amount off.
  5. Multiple codes or no codes: you can enter one or more codes for a discount or you can choose to make the discount work without a code.
  6. Qualification based on quantity: choose the number of items required to qualify for a discount (e.g. buy 5 items to qualify).
  7. Qualification based on subtotal: choose the currency amount required to qualify for a discount (e.g. $50 in items to qualify).
  8. Cart preview, checkout preview and javascript callback on checkout page: you can get a discount quote on the checkout page just like shipping quotes.
  9. Weight discounts and determine the order in which they are applied.
  10. Choose which discounts can be combined and which can only applied by themselves.
  11. Force qualification based on a single product: if you have a "buy 4 get one free" discount that applies to all of your products, you can insist that a customer buy 4 of the same product to qualify.
  12. Filter discount application by user role and required product.
  13. Conditional actions integration for things like Free Shipping.
  14. Provides a CCK-based module for displaying codeless discount inside product pages (requires CCK).
  15. Provides a CCK-based module for displaying discounted prices in the product page (with strike-through of the original price) (requires CCK).
  16. Limit number of uses per discount and per user.
  17. Usage reports.
  18. Expiration and activation date.

Custom Discounts

There are two hooks hook_uc_discount() and hook_uc_discounts_codes_alter() that allow for custom-coded discounts. See the README for more information on these hooks.



Extract and copy to /sites/all/modules/. Then enable at admin/build/modules section. Grant the proper roles the "configure discounts" permission. The module adds a menu item under "Store administration -> Discounts" as well as a Reports menu item.
Note that this module is incompatible with the uc_discounts module because they share the same namespace.


  • Original maintainer: ryangroe. Thank you to everyone who has donated. If you use this module on your site please consider a donation no matter how small. Thanks! DONATE
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