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Administrators are able create relationship types (friend, coworker, etc). Relationship types can be setup to be one-way or mutual. If a relationship type is one-way (subscriber) only the requester is shown as relating to the requestee. Relationship types can also be set as needing or not needing approval.

Administrators can give users the option to auto approve relationships on a per-relationship type basis.

Bundled with the main module are add-on modules providing functionality that not every site will need:

  • User Relationship Mailer will (conditionally) send email notifications regarding relationship creation/removal/approval/disapproval/cancellation.
  • User Relationship Defaults creates default relationships to any user joining the site (think Tom on MySpace).
  • User Relationship Implications allows admins to specify implied relationships (Manager implies Coworker) that are automatically created.
  • User Relationship Invites requires the Invite module and allows users to specify a relationship to a user that they invite to join the site.
  • User Relationship Privatemsg integration with the privatemsg module showing your relationships in the quick select list.
  • User Relationship Elaborations lets users send a message with their relationship request to another user.
  • User Relationship Node Access lets users control access to their content based on relationships
  • User Relationship Services exposes api functionality to the Services module.
  • User Relationship Rules allows triggering Rules when relationships are requested, approved, etc.


Drupal 7: Being ported from 6.x and improved. See Roadmap to 7.x-1.0 for the current status.

Drupal 6: The module is in maintenance mode. Only bug fixes and minor feature requests with their own patches.

Supported by:

Projects are available for 6.x and 7.x unless otherwise noted.

These modules integrate with User Relationships. Please visit their project pages for features offered.


Take a look at the README files and user_relationships.api.php for more information. The plugin modules will give you a sense of how to write add-ons to User Relationships. Many hooks have been provided.

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