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WebHost Manager (WHM) is a commercial server administration system that manages hosted cPanel accounts. This module provides a user and program interface to some of WHM's reseller functions, enabling Drupal administrators, authorized users, or other modules to list, create, and (un)suspend cPanel accounts.

This project is not authorized or supported by cPanel. For information on the cPanel or WHM products, see: http://www.cpanel.net

If you're looking for cPanel integration please look at the cPanel Integration Module.


  1. Download the latest release of this module from: http://drupal.org/project/whm
  2. Uncompress the archive in your modules directory (sites/all/modules or sites/[name]/modules).
  3. In Drupal, go to the modules page (Site building -> Modules) and enable the WHM module listed under the Hosting category.

To use the module, it must be configured with a WHM host and reseller account. Go to the module's settings form (Site configuration >> WHM) and enter the hostname of your WHM server, the username for a reseller account, and its remote access key. The remote access key is generated by WHM, and can be found under 'Setup Remote Access Key' in the WHM interface. Note: In WHM, the reseller account must be granted specific permission to list, create, and suspend accounts.


This module enables WHM functions through a user and programming interface: listing, creating, suspending accounts, etc. are managed by the specified reseller. These functions are accessible to authorized

users through the Administer >> WHM menu.

The list accounts page displays the username, domain name, and hosting plan. Additionally, it allows accounts to be suspended, unsuspended, terminated, or edited. The create account page allows a new account to be created with a specified username, contact e-mail address, password, domain name, hosting plan, etc.

User access to these functions is limited by the permissions set in User management >> Access control under the WHM module. Access can be granted by function type (to list accounts, to create a new account, or to (un)suspend accounts, etc.).

Additionally, this module provides a direct programming interface to these WHM functions. Note: There are no access restrictions to the functions, as it is expected that programs utilizing these functions would implement their own permissions system.


Development on the D5 & D6 version is no longer actively maintained. Bug fixes/additions are welcome. All feature development has moved to the D7 branch.


Development is currently sponsored by MJCO Limited.

MJCO Limited

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