Windows Azure ACS

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Windows Azure ACS is a module for integrating your Drupal site with Windows Azure Access Control Service.

With ACS, you can authenticate users from different identity providers such as Facebook, Google and Windows Live.

Key features of this module:

  • Authenticating and logging in through identity providers configured in your ACS namespace.
  • Option to create new users on the fly or direct them through Drupal registration process.
  • Option to link a single user account to several identity providers.
  • A block that provides a login link for each identity provider configured in ACS.

The module uses libraries written by Microsoft for the ACS WordPress plugin.

To configure your ACS, see the WordPress plugin documentation or this page:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only SWT 1.0 tokens are supported at the moment, so be sure to select that as your token type in ACS. We welcome any help with implementing support for SAML 2.0 tokens.

The development of this module has been sponsored by Omegawave.

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