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The WYSIWYG Filter module provides an input filter that allows site administrators configure which HTML elements, attributes and style properties are allowed. It also may add rel="nofollow" to posted links based on filter options. It can do so with no additional parsing on user input. That is, it may apply nofollow rules while parsing HTML elements and attributes.

The filter is based on whitelists that can be defined from the filter settings panel. Rules for HTML element and attributes are defined using the same syntax of the TinyMCE valid_elements option.

HTML attributes related to DOM events (on*) are not allowed for security reasons (to prevent XSS, etc.).

The following elements cannot be whitelisted due to security reasons, to prevent users from breaking site layout and/or to avoid posting invalid HTML. Forbidden elements: applet, area, base, basefont, body, button, embed, form, frame, frameset, head, html, iframe, input, isindex, label, link, map, meta, noframes, noscript, object, optgroup, option, param, script, select, style, textarea, title.

The section used to whitelist style properties is pretty simple. You just check the properties you need from a list where almost all style properties are organized into logical groups (Color and Background properties, Font, Text, Box, Table, List, ...). The WYSIWYG Filter will strip out style properties not explicitly enabled. On the other hand, for allowed style properties the WYSIWYG Filter will check their values for strict CSS syntax (based on regular expressions) and strip out those that do not match. Additional matching rules are explicitly required for properties that may contain URLs in their values ("background", "background-image", "list-style" and "list-style-image"). If rules don't match, these style properties will be ignored from user input.

When the "id" and "class" attributes have been whitelisted, it is also required to specify explicit rules that will be used to validate user input, and again, those that don't match will be stripped out.

As a measure to reduce the effectiveness of spam links, it is often recommended to add rel="nofollow" to posted links leading to external sites. The WYSIWYG Filter can easily do this for you while HTML is being processed with almost no additional performance impact. There is a section in the filter settings panel where a white/back list policy can be defined per domain name (the host part in the URLs).

Screenshot of the WYSIWYG Filter settings panel. Patches and/or ideas to improve the UI to whitelist HTML elements and attributes are welcome. Though, I tried to document the most common rules for the valid_elements option the best I could.

If you are the developer of a WYSIWYG editor, please let me know if there is something this module could do with its own filter options to help enhance the configuration of the WYSIWYG editor itself without additional user intervention.

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