WYSIWYG - GeSHi bridge

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Important: Development of this module is halted until either:

  1. The WYSIWYG module no longer causes this major usability regression: #735624: Enabling one button removes default editor toolbar
  2. Another WYSIWYG editor module provides an API that can be accessed by this module.

Please see comment #5 of #781846: Only for CKEeditor with WYSIWYG module?
for more details.
As of July 2011, neither standard has been met.

This module's intent is to allow users of the WYSIWYG module and the GeSHi Filter for syntax highlighting module to embed code through CKEditor without it being mangled. It is based on the original work of Peter Petrik.


GeSHi filter hack

You must hack a GeSHi filter file. I'm talking about the code you download separately form the Drupal GeSHi module.

Under sites/[sitename or all]/modules/geshifilter/geshi, open geshi.php for editing. Add the below code at line 2046 (a blank line in GeSHi or after // Replace all newlines to a common form:

// Replace all newlines to a common form.
$code = str_replace(">", ">", $code);
$code = str_replace("&lt;", "<", $code);
$code = str_replace("&amp;", "&", $code);
$code = str_replace("&#39;", "'", $code);
$code = str_replace("&quot;", """, $code);

After you install...

You still must enable the buttons:

  1. Go to admin/settings/wysiwyg (Administer > Site configuration > Wysiwyg).
  2. Click Edit next to an input format where you want to use GeSHi.
  3. Under Buttons and plugins, select the Geshi buttons you want to see.
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