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Classified Ads provides a simple system to run a classified ads service on Drupal.

With this module, users can create their free Classified Ads in the style of craigslist.

Classified Ads may belong to one or more categories (e.g. "For Sale", "Want to Buy"), defined as taxonomy terms.

Classified Ads lists are completely sortable and customizable, with or without Views.

Automatic warning notifications inform users about the status of their ads: half-life, expiring soon, expired, impending purge, purged, ...


  • Renewable expired ads during the 'grace period'
  • Simple taxonomy-based browsing
  • Ad expiration depending on category selection
  • Per-user classified ads lists – custom lists totally sortable
  • Length-limited body text with live counter of characters
  • Advanced Help, CCK, Context, Panels, Token and Views support

Recommended related projects

There are many modules that complement Classified Ads. Some of them:

  • Advanced Help: the help files for Classified Ads are provided in the Advanced Help format, so you will need this module to read the online help.
  • CCK: If you wish to have additional fields displayed in your ads (e.g. Price, Colour, Size, etc.) then you should install/use the CCK (Content Construction Kit) module. This module allows you to add fields to your Classified Ad content type and to change the order of the fields and display format.
  • Context: use the Classified Ads Context condition plugin to customize your pages belonging to the Classified Ads service
  • Panels: Classified Ads exposes its ad expiration as a content type which you can use to customize ad displays in Panels
  • Token: Classified Ads provides several replacement tokens for the Token module, which you can use to customize the notification emails sent to site users
  • Views: use the Classified Ads expiration formatters for specific expiration date formatter on your Classified Ads views
  • Flag: If you wish to allow users to mark an ad as favourite then you should install/use Flag module. Basically you can create unlimited arbitrary flags or bookmarks to flag content with this module.
  • Lm_paypal: Paid Classified Ads may be implemented by installing the Lm_paypal module and limiting Classified Ads node creation to paying users
  • Hierarchical select: In case you have created many categories to sort your Classified Ads, you can install/use Hierarchical Select to allow users to make a selection as deep as possible in the tree of categories. Levels can be labeled and you can choose the number of items that can be selected.
  • Better formats: If you want to add more flexibility to the classified ads input format system then you should install/use Better Formats module. This module allows you to set the default format per role or per content type. You can also hide format tips. Actually you can totally customize the format information display.
  • Modr8: If you want to have an administrative interface for managing content in moderation then you should use/install Modr8 module. This module allows you to preview content, approve or deny it, and send messages to the author informing them of your choice.

Multilingual / i18n

None of the current versions is designed for multilingual web sites. Assumption of a single site language exist throughout the code base, and this will not change before 6.x-3.1 / 7.x-3.1.


You have built a great site using the Classified Ads module ? Open a "task" issue mentioning it should be listed, and it might be added to that list.

Latest news

  • 2013-08-04 - 6.x-3.1-beta1 and 7.x-3.1-beta1 released. These are bugfix releases that should work on all existing (6|7).x-3.0 sites. Token module is now required.
  • 2012-04-02- 6.x-3.0 and 7.x-3.0 released.
  • 2011-07-25 - Classified Ads is now integrated with the Quality

    Assurance system: unit tests are ran for all patches submitted
  • 2011-07-15 - Branches 6.x-3.x and 7.x-3.x are now open, from the 2010 fork of classified.module brought back to All pre-6.x feature requests have been updated to these branches since Drupal 5 is now obsolete.


With Classified Ads 3.1-beta1 released for D6/D7 after fixing all identified 3.0 bugs, the focus is now again to feature changes. Expected changes for the next 3.x releases include :

  • Deprecation or removal of hardcoded pages like the overview page and per-category ads listing, to be replaced by default Views for greater flexibility.
  • Implementation of some of the feature requests in the issue queue: please revive those you would most like to see. Contact field is a likely one.
  • Further down the road, Classified Ads is expected to become a 7.x / 8.x Field and associated set of behaviours, instead of being essentially a node type with an extra field.
  • Internationalization support is not part of the immediate expected changes for the next release, but is on the horizon for later ones.
  • Evolution in the 6.x branch will be limited to bug fixes: feature parity with current core versions (7.x / 8.x) will not be maintained.
  • The 6.x branch will enter security-only bugfix mode on the day of the 3.1 release, expected on 2013-09-01. It will cease to be supported on the day of the Drupal 8 launch.


Classified Ads is currently maintained - in the 6.3 and 7.3 branches only - by OSInet.

It was originally created for Drupal 4.7 and 5.x by Michael Curry / Exodus Development, then evolved for the 5.x, 6.2 and 7.2 branches by Miles Gilligham.

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