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(Original code was the Google Summer of Code 2010 Project by Leighton Whiting)

This module facilitates the creation of groups of related products in bulk. Product administrators can select a number of options for various fields, and a product will be created for all possible combinations of these values. Out of the box, only list fields are supported for this, but an API exists to enable other types of fields for 'combination creation'.

The module also provides various ways to create display nodes for the newly-created products:

  • Redirect user to node creation form (with title and product reference filled in).
  • Silently create display node referencing all created products.
  • Silently create one display node for each created product.

This will greatly speed up the task of adding numerous products at once.

Installation / Getting Started

Besides installing and enabling as usual, before this module is of any use, you have to at least have one product type that has a 'combination creating' field (out of the box, this can only be list fields; but after enabling the included Taxonomy reference integration module, you can also use taxonomy reference fields). Once you have at least one of those, you can use the local task "Bulk add products" on the products page to create bulk products.

Updates / New Features

Added option to automatically create display nodes on bulk creation. This is deactivated by default, see the settings page at admin/commerce/config/commerce_bpc/display_nodes.

Added new submodule that allows usage of taxonomy reference fields to create combinations in bulk creation.

Known issues: Once the new submodule is activated, all taxonomy reference fields will show up in the combinations fieldset all taxonomy reference fields will show up in the combinations fieldset if they are set to be displayed in the "Add to cart" form. The instance setting allowing to force such a field to be treated as a "static field" does not show up because of #765860: drupal_alter() fails to order modules correctly in some cases

Added option to create one display node for each product.

Settings can now be overridden for each product type. In particular, this allows more fine-grained control over the generated SKUs and titles (as, on the product type level, you can directly reference field-specific tokens).

Changed behavior: Up to beta3, list fields would show up on the bpc form as checkboxes, regardless of the selected widget. From rc1 on, only list fields set to use the "radio / checkboxes" widget will show up as checkboxes. List fields set to use the select fields will show up as multi-selects.

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