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This module adds customizable product options to the "add to cart" form. The approach is generic, so all field types / widget can be used. This module is created only for the commerce module. For other systems you need different systems / approaches.

The module provides a field called option set. You can assign to your commerce product. Each option set consists of a list of fields. If a product is connected to a option set the add to cart form will be extended by the fields of the option sets.

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Intended use:

It is important to understand, that if you use this module, you do not have SKU's / products for each of the possible options. Therefore you cannot use commerce functionality that is based on this distinction. The most prominent one you can think of, is stock control. But others may be affected. So use this module only, if you do not care about these functions. Read in more detail #1287322: Intend Use for the Module

Development status:

The display of the form in the product works for normal products. The display of the selected attributes in the shopping cart does also work.

The integration with the Commerce Product Bundle is not complete. The price alteration does also not really work. This means you could create a price calculation rule, but the price is only visible in the shopping cart and not in the product itself.

We use the Commerce Product Attributes module to show the selected options in the shopping cart. If the customer clicks in the shopping cart on the product link (if the option is activated in the Commerce Product Attributes module), then she / he can edit the previous selected or entered option set fields.

Update to beta1

If you are using an older version of this module. You should execute the update.php. Some data structures were changed for beta1.

Installation & Setup

Read the Documentation for detailed instructions. Important you need also to setup the Product Attributes correctly.

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