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The Custom Formatters module allows users to easily create custom CCK/Field Formatters without the need to write a custom module. Custom Formatters can then be exported as CTools Exportables/Features or Drupal API Formatters.

Custom Formatters was written and is maintained by Stuart Clark (deciphered).




Important note

Changes have been made to the PHP formatters Render Array integration to correctly support multi-field values, this changes the HTML wrappers of the formatter and may affect the theming of your site. This change will be made in 7.x-2.2 and the upcoming development releases.



  • Two different editor modes:
    • Basic/HTML + Tokens: A HTML based editor with Token support.
    • Advanced/PHP: A PHP based editor with support for multiple fields and multiple values.
  • Support for:
  • Exportable as:
    • Drupal API formatter
    • CTools exportable/Features
  • Live preview ([D6] requires Devel generate module).
  • Integrates with:
    • [D7] Coder Review module - Review your Custom Formatter code for Drupal coding standards and more
    • [D7] Drupal Contextual links module - Adds a hover link for quick editing of Custom Formatters.
    • Features module - Adds dependent Custom Formatters (from Views or Content types) to Feature.
    • [D7] Form Builder - Drag'n'Drop interface for builder Formatter Settings forms.
    • Insert module - Exposes Custom Formatters to the Insert module.
    • Libraries API module and the EditArea javascript library - Adds real-time syntax highlighting.


Required Modules:


Recommended Modules:



Custom Formatters can be managed on the 'Custom Formatters' overview page.

Drupal 6:

'Administer > Site configuration > Custom Formatters'.


Drupal 7:

'Administration > Structure > Formatters'.



EditArea - Real-time syntax highlighting

The EditArea javascript library adds real-time syntax highlighting, to install it follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Libraries API module.
  2. Download the EditArea library and extract and move it into your libraries folder as 'editarea' (eg. sites/all/libraries/editarea). is a Custom Formatter repository, which in the future will cater for user contributed Formatters.

The website is open-source with the intent of community contributions to the site itself, to get involved you can visit and checkout the source code, branch the project and play.


More information on usage, including tips & tricks, can be found in help:



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