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Note: due to significant changes in 7.x-1.x-rc1, existing rules may be broken when upgrading from a prior version. Please uninstall and remove all module files before installing the latest version.

Rules Forms Support is looking for a co-maintainer.


Rules Forms Support provides a Rules based method for controlling forms and their elements. The module can be used to alter any form provided by Drupal core or contributed modules. Change element titles, descriptions, weights, and more, or validate form data and set form errors. Rules forms saves time and cost by affording site builders the ability to monitor and alter forms without the need to implement a custom module.

For help getting started with Rules Forms Support, please see the module documentation.


  • Activate events for form creation, validation, and submission on a form-by-form basis.
  • Target individual form elements or the entire form in conditions and actions.
  • Manipulate the attributes of a form element like title, description, weight, and more.
  • Validate the values of form elements during form validation.
  • Set form errors when rule-based validation fails.
  • Redirect users to a different page upon viewing or submitting a form.
  • Examine the attributes of elements in active forms with the element inspection tool.

Rules Forms Support 2

A second version of Rules Forms for Drupal 7 is currently being developed. Our primary goals in developing this second branch is to integrate the features of Rules Forms with the power that entities have brought to Drupal 7. A development snapshot of this branch will be released as soon as it is prepared for public testing.

New/planned features in RFS2

  • Form data is passed to Rules in the form of an entity.
  • Form properties and elements are identified as entity properties.
  • This means the form or form_state structure can be traversed through the Rules data selector.
  • Any form property or element property can be modified in a single action.
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