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This is a collection of modules that make use of User Points module API.

If you created a module that uses the Userpoints API and it does not have its own project, please contribute it by submitting an issue and attaching a tar.gz of the .info and .module files you created. Please describe what your module does in a bit of detail.

You can use other modules here as a starting point or sample for what can be achieved by userpoints.

Drupal 6

All modules listed below are available unless noted otherwise. They are written and contributed by various people and hence can be of various quality, maturity and maintainership levels.

Drupal 7

WARNING: Although reported as such when trying to install, not all modules which are part of the 7.x-1.x-dev release have been ported to Drupal 7 yet. Consult the list below and the issue queue before reporting bugs about this. See #1244792: In .info files, "core=" values are overridden by packaging scripts
. You can also get a git checkout of the project instead, which will not have this bug.

Several modules have moved to Userpoints Nodes and Comments or have been deprecated in favor of the much improved Rules integration which is part of the main Userpoints project.

However, the modules which are available have been tested and can be considered working and maintained.


Here is a list of some contributed modules included in this project:

  • userpoints_commentpertype
    Give different points to users for comments made on different node types. Built into Userpoints Nodes and Comments for 7.x.
  • userpoints_download
    Users lose or gain points when the download attachments (requires site to be configured with private download method).
  • userpoints_revisions
    Users earn points for creating node revisions. This has been moved to Userpoints Nodes and Comments for 7.x.
  • user2userpoints (6.x) / userpoints_donation (7.x)
    Allows users to send points to other users.
  • userpoints_reset
    Resets all userpoints on the site.
  • userpoints_admin_email
    Emails the admin when any user reached a defined points threshold. Deprecated in 7.x in favor of rules integration.
  • userpoints_retroactive
    Award users points for their nodes, comments and votes that they have created so far, before userpoints was enabled on the site.
  • userpoints_badges
    Integrates Userpoints with the User Badges module.
  • userpoints_pageviews
    Awards node owners points based on page views to their nodes. This has been moved to Userpoints Nodes and Comments for 7.x.
  • userpoints_nodelimit
    Enables a limit on node creation based on user points.
  • userpoints_invite
    Moved to Userpoints Invite
  • userpoints_modr
    Moderators are awarded points when moderating nodes using the modr8 module. Points for approve/deny can be different values.
  • userpoints_cap
    Limit the number of points a user can earn.
  • userpoints_autoapprove
    Automatically approves outstanding transactions after a chosen period. Only available for 7.x.
  • userpoints_role
    Users join/leave roles as they earn/lose certain points threshold.
  • userpoints_role_exempt
    Exempts certain roles from earning userpoints.
  • userpoints_no_negative
    Prevents transactions that would cause accounts to be negative. Deprecated in favor of the improved rules integration for 7.x.
  • votingpoints
    Adds a "rules" event for the votingapi "when user votes", and points are awarded accordingly.
  • userpoints_flag
    Moved to Userpoints Flag

Some modules that were only available for 5.x are not listed anymore. Help is welcome porting them to 6.x and others to 7.x.

You can read a tutorial and some examples of how to write modules that integrate with userpointshere.

Other modules

Note that there are many other Drupal modules that provide Userpoints integration but are not part of the Userpoints Contrib project. For example:

If you integrate Userpoints with other modules that have their own project, please contact the maintainers to list your module above.


Various people and companies have contributed to the above module set. Here are some of them.

  • AdHack sponsored userpoints_commentpertype.


Khalid Baheyeldin of

The author can also be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting, installation, development, and customizations.

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